Greetings from the Pastor

Thank you for visiting our web page. I would love for you to come visit us in person. I believe that you will find WPBC an exciting place to worship. It is our prayer that when you come, that you will experience the power and grace of GOD. It is the desire of our Church to point people to JESUS. I also believe that you will find a deep connection to some really great people. There is also a place that you can come and serve your surrounding community. I hope and pray that we can connect soon and GOD bless!


Our desire is to point the world toward Christ in a way that will help lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Get Involved

Church membership is special. When someone comes to join the church, they are not joining a building or an organization. Instead, they are joining a family or a community of believers. By joining, you are saying that you love the people and want to be an active participant in the life of this family of Believers to help serve in the goal of “pointing the world toward Christ.” If you feel you are being led to join together with the West Point family, a great starting point would be to speak with one of our pastors or a deacon of the church. We would love to be able to talk with you more about this.

Meeting Times

Sunday School - 9:45am

Sunday Worship - 11:00am

Sunday Youth - 6:30pm

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study - 7:00pm

Wednesday Night Children - 7:00pm

Online Tithes Giving

If you wish to submit your tithes or other giving online you may go to

Meeting Times

Events This Week

Sunday, April 11

  • 9:45am—Sunday School 11:00am—Worship

  • 3-5pm—Jenna Duncan Bridal Shower

  • 6:30pm—Youth

Monday, April 12

  • 6:30pm—Finance Committee

Tuesday, April 13

  • 7:00pm—Sandy Huneycutt Circle

Wednesday, April 14

  • 12:00pm—Prayer Time (Pastor’s Office) 3:30pm—Aspire

  • 7:00pm—Adult Bible Study

Thursday, April 15

  • 9:00-11:00am—Rowan Helping Ministries Pickup

  • 6:30pm—Sisters Standing in the Gap

Saturday, April 17

  • 8:50-11:30am—Kannapolis Food Pantry Deacon: Bob Szakal

Meeting Times

Upcoming Events

  • Fred L Wilson Food Project: 

Below is a list of items needed for Fred L Wilson Elementary School children:

   1 box of cereal                                         2 boxes of breakfast bars

   1 four-pack mac/cheese (singles)               3 individual soups (Styrofoam—No cans)

   2-4 pack fruit cups                                   1 box white rice

   2 cans black beans                                   2 cans corn

   1 Hamburger Helper                                  1-6 pack Cheez-its

   1 jar Peanut Butter                                   1 grape jelly (Plastic Jar only)

            (These items are due by Wednesday, May 5)

  • You are cordially invited to a Bridal Shower on Sunday,
    April 11, 3-5pm to honor Jenna Duncan. Jenna is registered
    at Target and Amazon.

  • Mark your calendars and make plans now to join us for a special National Day of Prayer service on Thursday, May 6, at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary.

      Please Note: There will be no church activities on Wednesday, May 5.

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