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Everything to Children

     Everything to Children is the name of the Children’s Ministries of West Point Baptist Church. The name is based on Ephesians 3:21 which states that God gets the glory in the Church, through Christ Jesus and throughout all generations. We seek to glorify God in everything we do in Church for our children, so we provide an understandable message that will reach generations!

     We strive to do everything we can to reach our children for Christ! We provide special classes during the Sunday School hour, e-Zone during the worship portion of the morning, as well as fun programs on Wednesday nights!

     e-Zone = Fun worship, lessons, exciting games, prayer, offering, sharing, team building and growth opportunities during the morning worship time on Sundays. We are constantly working to improve our kids’ ministry department to be able to utilize brand new resources in order to make e-Zone all that it can be! If our doors are open, then we have something for you!

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