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Upcoming Events

  • Fred L Wilson Food Project: 

Below is a list of items needed for Fred L Wilson Elementary School children:

   1 box of cereal                                         2 boxes of breakfast bars

   1 four-pack mac/cheese (singles)               3 individual soups (Styrofoam—No cans)

   2-4 pack fruit cups                                   1 box white rice

   2 cans black beans                                   2 cans corn

   1 Hamburger Helper                                  1-6 pack Cheez-its

   1 jar Peanut Butter                                   1 grape jelly (Plastic Jar only)

              (These items are due by Wednesday, December 13th)​


Mark Your Calendars for These Important Events:​​​​​​

  • Litaker SS Class Christmas Party

The annual Litaker SS Class Christmas Party will be Friday,

December 15, at 6:00pm in the fellowship hall. Please bring a gift (no more than $5) for “Dirty Santa”.

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